Neso and Jelly

is about


Neso and Jelly has a vision. Its quite revolutionary. 

Imagine what it would be like, to be a kid, and play without having to worry about your clothes getting dirty.

Really play . Play freely , eat , drink, roll around in the grass, paint, make , use your hands, and wipe them on your clothes. 

This is about giving kids their freedom back.

Thats where we come in. We put the clever in. 

Neso and Jelly has produced a new line of next generation clothes, a kid-lifestyle of playful living through clever clothes. 

Introducing our new range of intelligent and indestructible denim, which have been technologically enhanced to be :


environmentally and eco friendly

water repellent  

stain repellant

 bacteria repellant

ethically sourced and produced


Made In Europe.








Founder and Designer



 The founder of the company Sarvi Guivi,is an M.A graduate from Central Saint Martins and has a B.A from Esmod , Paris. 

 Her career started as womenswear designer for Kostas Murkudis and Paul and Joe as well as PR for Vivienne Westwood , and Loews.  

With a Family background in textiles and an extreme interest in Technology and Fashion as a linked concept this fused into her vision of childrenswear for the global traveller.

 As an expat of 7 countries so far, with  2 boys of 5 and 8, her interests turned towards children, travel and technology. 

These helped fuse the vision for Neso and Jelly. The Philosophy of simplifying clothes , enhancing them and making them available at an everyday level so that kids can play freely , in a carefree manner. 

These are designed to be pieces you always turn to , the essential ones you pack, the rest assured trustworthy items in the cupboard if you will , however with spirit of an imaginative child and design in mind.